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Visit hpfirst.org to listen to Pastor Sampson's sermons, and
​find out how you can fellowship with our other church family!​​


2018 is St Paul's 100th Anniversary
Congratulations! Please let Marjorie or the office know of any contact information you have of previous members. We want to have  
as many people as possible involved in our celebration. Please call Marjorie Kumar, if you want to help: (248) 334-4146.

​​​UM Women’s Breakfast (Leo’s Coney Island)
Saturday, June 30th, 8:30 AM

Please join the ladies for our monthly fellowship and a delightful first meal of the day. Bon Appétit! UM Women’s Breakfast (Leo’s Coney Island)

Pop-Can Tabs

Hazel Park First has been collecting aluminum can pull tabs to benefit the Ronald McDonald House of Detroit. Let’s contribute to HP’s cause! Ask your friends, family, and neighbors for their tabs. Collection containers are located in the narthex and fellowship hall.

St. Paul United Methodist Church


“Celebrating the love of God through worship and service”

165 E. Square Lake Rd.

St. Paul United Methodist Church is an accessible facility. Please let us know whether we can help you further. 

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